Five Reasons to Write More Letters

Woman wearing a denim shirt, sitting at a white table writing a letter by hand

People have put pen to paper for thousands of years to connect with each other, share news and mark important occasions. Now, digital communication dominates due to its speed and convenience. Making plans to meet your pals or connect with family on the other side of the world is significantly more straightforward thanks to the internet.

And yet, as many of us found during the Covid-19 pandemic, purely interacting digitally was found wanting. Working, socialising and relaxing via screens significantly strained our brains, as well as our eyes. We believe it is time for a more considered approach to the methods we use to communicate with each other.

Here’s 5 reasons to inspire you to start writing more letters: 

  1. Nurture your friendships

Sending a letter is a simple way to make someone feel valued. The intentionality and effort associated with selecting stationery, composing a message and finding a Post Box makes receiving the letter really meaningful. Equally, marking important events, giving thanks and sharing memories builds intimacy between the writer and the recipient.

  1. Use your Creativity

Everyone can cultivate their creativity through letter writing. It can be as simple as selecting a pleasing pen and a beautiful piece of paper. Or it can act as launching off point for doodling, sharing your favourite poem and improving your writing skills.

  1. Develop your Emotional Intelligence

Writing by hand provides an opportunity to slow down and reflect. Long form writing enables us to access complex thoughts and develop self-awareness. Identifying and articulating our emotions is a muscle that improves with practice!  

  1. Increase Mindfulness

Composing a letter requires you to concentrate on the task at hand. It is a satisfying activity that doesn’t involve a screen. Your efforts also produce a tangible result. If you spend all day working on a computer, the act of creating something with your hands can be very refreshing.

  1. Create Keepsakes

Many of us interact with physical post in a completely different way to emails and texts. Beautiful cards are displayed as artwork on bookshelves. Postcards and pictures are stuck to mirrors. Boxes of letters acts as time capsules. Physical manifestations of memories and moments that engage all our senses and reminds us we belong.  

Like all new habits, it will take time to build a letter writing routine. The key thing is to get started. Why not begin by sending a postcard to a pal you’ve been meaning to reach out to?

Are there any reasons we’ve missed? Feel free to share them in the comments below.

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