Join our Pen Pal Club

Letters are delightful! Unexpected Post landing on your doorstep is one of life’s great pleasures. Handwritten letters are an effective way to deepen connections with ourselves and others. We are building our Pen Pal Club to nurture the nation’s connections. We want to make it simple to share handwritten letters with new people in the UK. All letters will be shared via our Pushing Envelopes HQ Letterbox and so there’s no need to exchange addresses up front. To kick things off we’re hosting a Letter Exchange! 
What is a Letter Exchange? 
Simply put, you’ll be invited to write 1 letter and you’ll receive 1 letter in return. On Match day, we will share the first name and 3 interests of your match to inspire your correspondence. You’ll also receive a personalised letter from someone else participating in the Letter Exchange.

How will it work in practice?   

Sign Up - You can sign up to take part here. The Sign Up phase is open until the 18th May. 

Write your Letter - You’ll receive an email on with the first name, match number and interests from your match on 20th May. Now it is time get writing! Use your match’s interests for inspiration and share some kind words.

Post your letter to the Pushing Envelopes HQ Letterbox - Send your letter to us by 10th June at the latest. Make sure you include the First name and Match number as part of the address so we can get your letter to right person! We’ll include the more details on this in the Match Day email.

You’ll receive a letter back! - We’ll send out the Letters we receive at Pushing Envelopes HQ once a week, with the final posting taking place 15th June. 


If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email at